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10 Reasons Why Your Site is Ranking Poorly

Have you noticed recently that your website’s pages are not getting the kind of traffic that they used to? Are your rankings up, but traffic is at an all-time low? Or, are you seeing a big dip in both? This can be a very frustrating situation for any business owner, especially when this kind of thing can happen seemingly overnight. Here are 10 reasons why your site could be suddenly losing traffic:

1. Google’s algorithm has determined that the content on the page is either a duplicate or just isn’t providing great quality. In this case, rewriting your content with fresh keywords and beefed-up detail can help.

2. There aren’t as many people searching for the keywords you’ve been using. For example, if your keywords were related to a past election, it could be that your audience has now moved on to searching for information about a future election. Change up your keywords and your focus.

3. The snippet you are using on the Google or search engine results page isn’t as attractive as a competitor’s. This snippet is your chance to make a great first impression, so you’ve got to nail it!

4. Your website is having technical difficulties. There could be a problem with the speed of your website, or Google may be having a problem indexing your content because of a change you made to the coding. This is a quick fix if you can root out the source of the problem.

5. Your landing page isn’t encouraging people to stick around. The first page that a potential lead sees usually has between three and five seconds to wow before the audience will click away.

6. You haven’t taken advantage of Google’s location biasing. People who search on Google are now seeing more results based on their location, rather than solely based on keywords. If you aren’t taking care to tag your business with location data frequently, you could be missing out on a big part of your potential audience.

7. You had an issue in the past with Google’s algorithm thinking your pages are spam. Unfortunately, once the algorithm labels a page as spam, it can take months or years for the page to stop being penalized. The best bet may be to delete the page and start from scratch.

8. You’re being outstripped by competitors who are utilizing keywords, location data, and landing pages better than you are. If this is the case, it’s time for a reboot. Get in touch with us at SOAP Media to learn how we can help you regain your place at the top of the pack.

9. Your brand has recently suffered some kind of reputation issue, and you just need time to build your image back up.

10. You’ve fixed some technical issues or other issues with your site recently. Unfortunately, Google can sometimes take quite a while to re-index a page after it has been fixed.

At SOAP Media, it’s our job to help you navigate all these challenges and more. Contact us at 613-818-3499 to learn more about our website services.