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10 common digital marketing mistakes

Diversifying marketing too much

More than 40% of consumers say they will shop online more frequently, making it worthwhile to focus on your online presence even if you have a physical store.

Using tone-deaf visuals and branding elements

Don’t forget that the pandemic is still a sensitive topic, so be mindful of how you use COVID-19 in your visuals and branding as a company.

Neglecting your social media pages

There is currently more social media platform activity due to people staying at home. In fact, 74% of brands admit they’re spending less time engaging on social media.

Overlooking data-driven marketing

Businesses that use data-driven marketing can expect anywhere from 5 to 8 times the return on investment for marketing spend.

Underestimating the changes in audience needs

Brands need to accept that audiences have changed their needs as a result of COVID-19 and should adapt to new market conditions as quickly as possible.

Neglecting to update your website

Ensure that your website is up to date with the latest changes you’ve made to your business as a result of COVID-19 to keep them in the loop.

Forgetting to focus on established trusted relationships

Customers consider trusted relationships to be a high priority when purchasing products. The pandemic affected many areas of business operations such as production and delivery. Be transparent about delays not to hurt established trust.

Failing to push for search engine optimization

The pandemic has boosted internet usage by 25%, making it the ideal time to focus on improving your SEO by introducing new content to your website and improving its overall usefulness.

Trying to add political undertones to marketing

Some businesses have decided to add political commentary regarding the handling of COVID-19 to their marketing materials. Research has shown that business activism and corporate advocacy have less effect on them than expected.

Not maintaining copywriting standards

Adapting ad copy and website content during COVID-19 can be challenging. However, you should continue to provide content relevant to your brand that your audience is looking for.